How will i receive my product

When you purchase the Fortnite cheat from us trough our simple payment terminal you will instantly be provided with a download link and a serial code for the cheat.

The setup is really easy and only requires you to extract the Legitaim client and its contents, for maximum stealth and preventing detection we recommend you extract the files into a USB drive and run the cheat from there.

Is there a risk getting banned?

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To be completely honest, Yes it's possible to get banned using our cheat.

But the likelihood that you would get banned is extremely slim since we constantly update the hack. if you feel unsure we would recommend you try it out a couple of days on an account you don't use. the only thing we can't stand for as said on the home page is you rage hacking and getting reported thus leading to a ban.

What will i get


  • Smooth aim 

  • FOV 

  • Aim time 

  • Body part 


  • Enemy Health

  • Bones

  • Distance

  • Weapon

Why us?

Because we don't brag or provide you with fake ratings and use social engineering tools to make the customer think that our cheat has been downloaded by hundreds, and for some reason, the only ratings you can find is what the website provides you with. that's what our competitors do wich for us is a common nominator that it's a scam.  that's why we don't bother with embedding a rating system on our website since it cant be trusted 2020.  we believe if its a solid product you're selling it's going to sell by itself and the word will eventually spread.

Now stop waiting and begin to dominate

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